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Custom Services

Organic Synthesis
Provides the custom organic componds synthesis of almost any small molecule compound.
Peptide Synthesis
A seasoned manufacture team is experienced in peptide manufacturing and research.
Antibody Production
Provides polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, antibody purification and antibody labeling.
Protein Expression
Provides protein expression services using both mammalian cells and bacteria systems.
Bioconjugation Services
Bioconjugation procedures include coupling small molecules, oligosaccharides, nucleic acids, carbon nanotubes and synthetic polymers.

Immunoassay Services
Provides comprehensive solutions to accurately analyze the concentration of a macromolecule in a solution using antibody-based methods.
Molecular Biology Services
Comprehensive molecular biology services including gene synthesis, subcloning, plasmid preparation, etc.
Oligonucletides Synthesis
Quality of the oligonucleotides are all managed and guaranteed with strict quality control system.
RNA Synthesis Services
Synthesis standard RNA oligonucleotide synthesis, siRNA and various special modifications and labeling RNA.
Polymers & Contract Manufacturing
Provides custom manufacturing of monomers, polymers and nanomaterials.

Biochemical Products

Amino Acids Derivatives
Fmoc amino acids, Boc amino acids and unnatural amino acids.
Comprehensive list of small molecular inhibitors for research use. Bulk available.
Catalog Peptides
Over 1000 catalog peptides, and nearly 100 pharmaceutical peptides and cosmetic peptides products.
Primary Antibodies
Reliable Antibodies to meet your research needs.
Bioactive Compounds And Agonist
Over a thousand of these bioactive compounds.

Over 3,000 intermiediates, our Intermediates category available for immediate purchase.
Fluorescent dyes are commonly used for fluorescent labeling of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, including Cy3 dyes, Cy5 dyes, Cy3.5 dyes,Cy5.5 dyes, etc.
High quality reagents required to successfully complete your projects.
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What drives KareBay?

KareBay is a United States based, globally-operated Biotech Company founded in the year 2011 by a group of senior entrepreneurs and scientists with extensive US pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech industry expertise. Our major mission is to provide life science, drug discovery and healthcare communities with best tools and services.

KareBay offers comprehensive service for drug discovery and development; develops novel bioreagents for biological research, drug screening, and clinical applications (in vitro diagnostic products and in vivo molecular imaging reagents for early stage diagnostics); explores novel medicine with medicinal chemistry and modern drug delivery and formulation technologies; builds biomimetic materials and devices.



There is nothing more satisfying than getting acknowledgement from our clients

We got just such good news yesterday.  One of our many happy customers recently published aarticle on Nature in which he referenced KareBayBiochem Inc. for the AMK peptide synthesis. As a token of deep appreciation, he also thankedus for providing such excellent reagents at such good prices with speedy delivery. All we want to say is that it is you, our happy customers fro ...

Bradykinin play different roles in different species

Bradykinin is the final product of the kallikrein–ki ...

Cortistatin is a cyclic neuropeptide

Cortistatin (CORT), a neuropeptide able to activate GHS-R, ...

The adipokinetic hormone family is neuropeptides

AKH is an insect neurohormone that is synthesized in the corpora cardiaca (CC), a neuro ...

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